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The SRB powder wash gently but effectively cleanses the skin, prevents clogged pores, brightens the complexion, while exfoliating dead keratinized skin cells. The skin is immediately soft and smooth to the touch. The main ingredient Rice Bran Extract is stabilized so that the nutrients are restored after extraction to reap the benefits. Rice Bran Extract contains more then 10 times the rice extract found in traditional rice water. Rice water has been shown to reduce the appearance of pores, tighten skin, promote cell growth, stimulate circulation. SRB is also infused with grape seed and pollen extract which contains over 50 different natural antioxidants.  Vitamin B, and Co-Q10 along with other minerals brightens and naturally exfoliates the skin. All of these ingredients work together synergistically to create a highly effective hypoallergenic cleanser. It is gently enough for the most sensitive of skin. The cleanser maintains a PH level of 5.5-6.5 so skin will never feel dry or tight after use.  

None of the product offerings found within the Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) line contain harsh chemicals or animal derived ingredients. There are no artificial colors or mineral oil.