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  • A mild, anti-aging eye cream infused with 49% of centella asiatica and four kinds of peptide extract to take care of the delicate skin around eye areas.


  • Nourishes the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Deeply penetrates into your skin for a youthful look.


  • This product redefines the skin's texture and helps decrease the appearance of large pores.

  • Core Ingredients:

    Centella Asiatica Extract:


  • Centella Asiatica strengthens the skin barrier.


  • It helps to protect the skin from external environmental stressors, which can cause a reduction of elasticity.

  • Panthenol:


  • Panthenol is a perfect active ingredient for sensitive skin.


  • Born a Vitamin B derivative, it soothes and restores the skin and strengthens the skin barrier.


  • It helps calm redness and soothes sensitive skin.

  • Peptide:


  • Peptide is composed of two or more amino acids that make up protein.


  • This ingredient encourages enhanced skin radiance by helping increase skin regeneration, improving wrinkles, and enhancing skin’s elasticity.

  • 30ml


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