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The first at-home treatment in the much-hyped Olaplex haircare system, Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is a concentrated pre-shampoo conditioner that strengthens the hair from within, reducing breakage and improving its look and feel. Harnessing an exclusive active ingredient that repairs strands at cellular level, Olaplex 3 essentially seeks out damaged bonds in the hair and repairs them to transform your strands into a silky-soft, healthy mane.

So much more than your average conditioner, this once-a-week treatment resurrects broken strands, undoing damage caused by regular colouring, bleaching and heat styling. Use before shampooing, applying a generous amount from scalp to ends and leaving on for at least 10 minutes - but the longer you leave it, the more magical the results - then rinse out for salon-worthy deep conditioning. A tip from Olaplex devotee Kim Kardashian, use the No. 3 Hair Perfector as an overnight leave-in treatment and you can expect jaw-dropping results come your morning shower.

- Addresses damaged and compromised hair
- Strengthens and protects hair structure
- Restores healthy appearance and texture

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector works wonders on all hair types, but is especially beneficial for damaged tresses. Have your strands become dry, brittle and frizzy from bleaching or excessive heat styling? Add this pre-shampoo treatment to your routine and restore the health and structure of your hair in a single use. Trust, it’s a real mane-saver.

No Animal Testing / Paraben Free / Mineral Oil Free Petroleum Free / No SLS & SLES / No synthetic Colours / No microbeads / Fair Trade / Gluten Free / Vegan / Vegetarian

How to Use:

- Use once a week or two to three times a week for damaged hair.
- Apply on damp, towel-dried hair.
- Apply a generous amount from scalp to ends until hair is thoroughly saturated.
- Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes (longer if desired).
- Rinse from hair. Shampoo and condition as usual.


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