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Multifunctional base works as a primer, sunscreen and moisturiser for a quick and effective cover-up while also acting as a colour corrector. Infused with the anti-oxidising super berry extract, it also helps brighten complexion. Purple violet shade aids in ridding yellow and sallow complexions, mint green cancels out redness, and milky blue is for sunburnt skin and dark eye circles.

  • A makeup base that perfectly colour corrects the skin tone.


  • This multi-functional product works as a primer, sunscreen and moisturiser in one.


  • It helps correct uneven skin tone and pigmented skin while letting makeup last long.


  • Vitamin Calibration (Super berry extract) with strong antioxidant effect, promoting bright and healthy complexion.


  • How to use:

    Apply a thin layer onto entire face after basic skincare and prior to base makeup. Let absorb.

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