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It’s time to de-stress your skin with the LANEIGE - Cica Sleeping Mask a gentle hypoallergenic formula, sensitivity panel-tested by dermatologists.

Key ingredients:

Forest Yeast - scientifically proven to be more effective than the leading cica product ingredient, madecassoside - to rapidly soothe, repair and regenerate skin that's causing you strife.

Squalane - a natural molecule present in our skin that diminishes over time – this oil-balancing moisturising ingredient enhances elasticity and protects your skin 

Powerful anti-oxident Vitamin E increases the lifetime of cells to help them repair and un-do superficial damage. This restorative overnight treatment is your recipe for calmer, hydrated and healthy looking skin. 

Recommended for:

  • Dehydrated, irritated skin
  • For repairing and soothing irritated skin overnight
  • For deep restoration of the skin's natural barrier

How to use:

Apply this as your last skincare routine step every night and leave it on overnight instead of washing off. (Wash off the next morning).
※ Layer it 2-3 times for a better soothing effect if the skin is particularly irritated and feels dry.


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