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My Kylie Cosmetics Kylash False Lashes let you effortlessly re create my iconic, dramatic eye looks with full, long and perfectly lifted lashes. It includes one pair of handmade, high quality false lashes that are easy to apply for an instant volumizing, multidimensional look. Each lash is divided into four segments to customize your own look, and with a clear band for a seamless blend with the natural lash line.

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The Kylie Cosmetics Kylash False Lashes are easy to apply, comfortable and lightweight for undetectable wear. Designed with a flexible clear band that easily molds to your eye shape, they blend in seamlessly with your natural lash line delivering a natural result with eye catching intensity. These falsies deliver a voluminous and fluffy look, while mimicking the effect of natural lashes, for a perfect cat eye effect with added volume and length. Each false lash is divided into four individual segments, allowing you to customize your own look

Shipped from the UK