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Preserve the youthfulness of your skin with the Clarins Extra-Firming Regenerating Night Rich Cream - Dry Skin, a deeply hydrating evening moisturiser for skin that’s dehydrated and showing signs of ageing.

Formulated to help regenerate your skin whilst you sleep, the Extra-Firming Regenerating Night Rich Cream will keep dehydration and fine lines at bay. Its scientifically advanced formula rejuvenates and repairs skin, creating a sculpted look with visibly radiant results by morning.

To stop your skin slackening, added kangaroo flower extract aids skin regeneration by reinforcing your skin’s ability to produce fibroblasts, collagen and elastic fibres. The infusion of moonstone hydrated silica aids your skin’s nighttime repair process, helping your complexion to maintain youthful qualities overnight.

How to Use: 

Apply Clarins Extra-Firming Regenerating Night Cream - All Skin Types every evening to a cleansed face and neck.


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