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Live life like you’re on stage and enjoy your time in the limelight. Ariana Grande Moonlight Eau de Parfum for women shines a spotlight on your unique character, making it the centre of attention for the audience to see. Never forget what it feels like to be irresistible.

  • ideal for those who love sweeter fragrances with floral and fruity notes
  • inside an iconic bottle with holographic elements and a lilac cap
  • launched in 2015, it has been enchanting girls ever since

Composition of the fragrance
The fragrance opens with the rich aroma of blackcurrant together with notes of juicy plum, followed by sweet notes of marshmallow and fresh peony. The composition concludes with the velvety scent of sandalwood, musk and warm vanilla, which are just as satisfying to the senses as the final standing ovation at the end of a successful performance.

Story of the fragrance
As the creator of Moonlight, Ariana Grande describes her 4th Eau de Parfum as sweet with a touch of mystery. Moonlight embodies confidence, optimism and courage – all the qualities of this extremely successful American singer.

The design of the bottle shares a similar theme as the singer’s debut fragrance Ari, complementing its sensual composition perfectly. During the Superdrug Awards in 2018, Moonlight won the award for Best Fragrance Launch.

Top notes: Black Currant, Plum
Middle notes:  Marshmallow, Peony
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood
Fragrance category fruity, floral


    Authentic and BNIB Discontinued Fragrance 

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