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Allure Clean Beauty 2020 Best Face Oil award winner certified organic Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + nourishes, hydrates and brightens complexions with daily beneficial antioxidants in one powerful facial oil.

This advanced Rosapene™ formulation combines essential fatty acid rich rosehip oil with super antioxidants from acai, tomato seed and cranberry to nourish and help replenish skin softness for the improved look of elasticity, while also helping to provide a protective moisture barrier against environmental damage. The result with continued use being healthier, younger looking skin.

As described by Allure, “This robust blend of acai seed oil, tomato seed, and cranberry extracts fends off free radicals, while rosehip oil tackles dehydration from environmental stressors and too much...life in 2020. Top it off with sunscreen, and your skin is (basically) indestructible.”

Suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with environmental damage and premature ageing.  

30ml Full Size   

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