$30.00 USD

Deliver a deep cleanse to your skin with Ren’s face wash, designed to lift away unwanted build-ups and dirt. Formulated with a base of Kaolin Clay, the rich texture begins to foam when in contact with water. It carefully draws impurities out from your pores and rinses away excess oils without stripping moisture from the skin. Respecting the balance of your complexion, your face will feel refreshed and thoroughly purified after use.

Thanks to Willow Bark Extract, pores will also appear less prominent for a smoother-looking airbrushed effect. The cleanser washes away residues left behind after environmental aggressors, helping to reduce the risk of blemishes and irritation without being harsh on the skin. Ideal for both sensitive and teenage skin types, the cleanser works to prevent redness and resets your complexion to a more natural state.