£15.00 GBP

In a pretty ‘Sunset Tie Dye’ pattern, the Satin Heatless Curling Set will help make all your big, bouncy curl dreams a reality — without causing dryness, frizziness or split ends.

Yep, this unusual device, complete with satin finish to prevent unwanted breakage to your strands, sets your hair into place (whether that’s voluminous, ‘fresh from a blow dry’ curls, or texture, beachy waves) without the need for heat. The set includes a foam curling rod, around which you curl your hair, and two scrunchies to gently secure it in place. Once you’re hair is in position, enjoy a good night’s rest (trust us, this is more than comfy enough to snooze in) and release your perfectly curled mane come morning.

1pc Rod

2pc Scrunchies

Ships from the UK